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Artist, Globetrotter, Dua.

Comedian | Creator | Actor | Host & Anchor | Writer | Acha Aadmi

Dua, one of India’s topmost stand-comedians, carries a lot of weight on his head. That’s because there are way too many feathers on his cap. Actor, writer, comedian, creator, host for Comicstaan Season 3 Finale, host for SharkTank Season 2, having toured over 10 countries, sold over 45,000 tickets, worked with over a 100 brands, with a community of over 400k on IG and over a million on YT, there are very few things that Rahul hasn’t dipped his toes into.

One of the finest comedians on the block, he boasts of executing one of the biggest stand-up tours in the country, selling over 30,000 tickets and compassing over 40 cities.
As a brand favourite, he’s worked with over a 100 brands, delivering quality content and seamlessly driving home their objectives, while having his followers praise the work he’s put up as a part of branded collaborations.

In 2023, Rahul will be touring over 40 cities in India, over 45 Internationally, with his new show “Padhai Likhai”.
From being a runner up for the first edition of Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan in 2018, to becoming one of the biggest talents in the comedy industry, Dua saab has scaled up the ranks at a pace that leaves most of us spellbound.


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